PowerPoint Courses
PowerPoint is one of those programs that is really worth knowing if you are required to make presentations. It does not matter if you are presenting to one person, 20 people or hundreds, they should all be there to hear what you have to say. PowerPoint should be used to help the audience remember what you have said and not used as a replacement for your words or to repeat your words on the screen. It is worth attending a one day course just to go over all the features so you can then decide which features would enhance your presentation and help your audience remember. If your company is in Milton Keynes or nearby e.g. Northampton, Rugby, Bedford, Oxford, Reading etc. etc. visit InIT Learning to see how cost effective the in-house courses are. (8 on a course is as little as £80.00 per delegate) or attend one of the open courses in Milton Keynes at £129 per delegate. Even better, as I write this there is an offer on for the PowerPoint course on 30th November 2016 a bargain at £99.00 per delegate.  Visit PowerPoint Courses Milton Keynes>>>

Software Training

Excel Courses Milton KeynesI am always been keen to increase my  knowledge of the various software packages and then pass that knowledge on.  If you have staff or you are interested in increasing your skills then  I recommend you visit InIT Learning to see just how cost effective their software training is. If your company is in Milton Keynes or any of the counties or towns surrounding Milton Keynes then you will be surprised just how cost effective the training/courses are. Open public courses are only £129.00 per delegate and the very popular in-hose courses start from £80.00 per delegate based on a course of 8 staff. Visit InIT Learning>>>> now to find out more. Courses include Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint.

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