Get on Course for Success

Welcome to my personal Blog site. This site is just a place for me to publish my thoughts, tips and notes about my Computer Training Business.

My Experience

After completing my apprenticeship in engineering at ATEL Products Limited (name changed to AviaLift Products Limited) at Southend Airport, Essex, I set myself the objective to gain experience for a few years and then move into training to pass on my experience. Surprisingly this happened fairly quickly. I moved to a training company called The National Foundry and Engineering Association (name changed to Metcon Training) in Basildon, Essex. This is where the personal computers started to appear (does anybody remember the Sinclair ZX80). I changed from teaching engineering to teaching computer programming (BASIC programming). 

I decided to move to Milton Keynes and gained employment with Intec Training Services (name changed to Intec Business Colleges) in Milton Keynes, Northampton and head office in Rugby, Warwickshire.  I had several roles with this company from Training Coordinator (a fancy name for salesperson) to Marketing Manager, Centre/Operations Manager and finally National IT Manager. I was very successful in all roles and created a division of Intec Business Colleges known as SoftwareTraining for their national delivery of computer courses. Employment with Intec Business Colleges came to an abrupt end with redundancy after 25 years loyal and dedicated service.

At this point, I put all my experience together and started a computer training business know as InIT Learning

InIT Learning delivers one day Microsoft Courses to business in and around Milton Keynes including Rugby, Northampton, Oxford, Leicester, Bedford and more.

InIT Learning has a training suite in Newport Pagnell where there are scheduled one-day courses and scheduled evening classes.

This site is a personal blog with personal thoughts, tips and information about my computer training business InIT Learning. One day computer courses and evening computer classes in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas like Rugby, Northampton, Leicester, Bedford, Oxford, Luton, Buckingham and many more...

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