PowerPoint Courses
PowerPoint is one of those programs that is really worth knowing if you are required to make presentations. It does not matter if you are presenting to one person, 20 people or hundreds, they should all be there to hear what you have to say. PowerPoint should be used to help the audience remember what you have said and not used as a replacement for your words or to repeat your words on the screen. It is worth attending a one day course just to go over all the features so you can then decide which features would enhance your presentation and help your audience remember. If your company is in Milton Keynes or nearby e.g. Northampton, Rugby, Bedford, Oxford, Reading etc. etc. visit InIT Learning to see how cost effective the in-house courses are. (8 on a course is as little as £80.00 per delegate) or attend one of the open courses in Milton Keynes at £129 per delegate. Even better, as I write this there is an offer on for the PowerPoint course on 30th November 2016 a bargain at £99.00 per delegate.  Visit PowerPoint Courses Milton Keynes>>>

Software Training

Excel Courses Milton KeynesI am always been keen to increase my  knowledge of the various software packages and then pass that knowledge on.  If you have staff or you are interested in increasing your skills then  I recommend you visit InIT Learning to see just how cost effective their software training is. If your company is in Milton Keynes or any of the counties or towns surrounding Milton Keynes then you will be surprised just how cost effective the training/courses are. Open public courses are only £129.00 per delegate and the very popular in-hose courses start from £80.00 per delegate based on a course of 8 staff. Visit InIT Learning>>>> now to find out more. Courses include Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Check the latest Excel Course Dates

Excel SpreadsheetMore dates available for Excel spreadsheet training courses in Milton Keynes.

13th July 16 10:15 – 4:15 Level 1 Kingston Library FULL


14th July 16 10:15 – 4:15 Level 1 Kingston Library
20th July 16 10:15 – 4:15 Level 2 Kingston Library
27th July 16 10:15 – 4:15 Level 3 Kingston Library

3rd August 16 10:15 – 4:15 Level 1 Kingston Library
10th August 16 10:15 – 4:15 Level 2 Kingston Library
17th August 16 10:15 – 4:15 Level 3 Kingston Library

Book here: www.excelcoursesmk.co.uk

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Dates for Excel Courses Milton Keynes

New dates available for Excel spreadsheet training courses in Milton Keynes.
17th May 16 9:30 – 3:30 Level 2 Wolverton Library
25th May 16 10:15 – 4:15 Level 1 Kingston Library
1st June 16 10:15 – 4:15 Level 1 Kingston Library
8th June 16 10:15 – 4:15 Level 2 Kingston Library
13th July 16 10:15 – 4:15 Level 1 Kingston Library
20th July 16 10:15 – 4:15 Level 2 Kingston Library

Book here: www.excelcoursesmk.co.uk

GetonCourse for Success with the InIT Learning SoftwareTraining computer courses. In-house courses available at very competitive rates and open courses available at £129.00 per delegate

Excel Spreadsheets

Excel Spreadsheet CoursesOne of the biggest problems when booking staff on a course like Excel spreadsheets is deciding the level. If you have a member of staff that has never used Excel the decision is easy and obvious. An Excel Introduction course is the obvious choice. Excel Introduction or level 1 is good for those that have a very basic knowledge or no knowledge, but as soon as you get to slightly beyond a basic user it starts to get more difficult. Experience has shown me that users become advanced at the part of Excel they use every day and so judge themselves as an advanced user the problem is that they are a beginner user for the parts they don’t use. This can cause real problems when delivery some courses. My advice is to make sure the staff have seen the content of each level and if they can say they know at least 75-80% of the content then it’s worth looking at the next level. I would say that apart from having a basic understanding the learning does not have to be sequential in other words you can learn some features without learning others but there are features that are worth knowing that can make others easier e.g. naming ranges.  Courses I deliver are in Milton Keynes and all surrounding counties and towns like Rugby, Northampton, Oxford and Bedford etc…

Maths and ICT

Milton KeynesI find it interesting how well ICT can be embedded into Maths. There is a big focus at the moment on embedding. Embedding ICT, Maths and English into training programmes such as Apprenticeships and NVQs. The embedding goes further as ICT and English should be embedded into maths oh and not forgetting bringing the British values and culture into it somehow. I must admit my first thoughts were ‘oh no here we go again’ but all this embedding is making for a much more enjoyable and fun maths session. It just needs a bit of thought at the planning stage but it is really worth while. ICT is embedding it self naturally into our daily lives so we need to take the barriers down and let it into the adult education classroom.  The main trick is not just replace what you normally do with software like Excel, Word and PowerPoint but to use the full power of the internet and availability of technology.

Get on Course for Success

David Ludlow - InIT LearningI used to work for a private training provider in Rugby. I worked for 25 years with various job roles in Milton Keynes, Northampton and finally Rugby.That company was my life for all that time but now I run a business called InIT Learning and happy to say that there is life after redundancy. 🙂  InIT Learning deliver one day computer courses in Excel, Word and PowerPoint etc. InIT Learning prices are much more competitive than other SoftwareTraining providers. InIT Learning deliver the courses at your premises and  provide all the equipment. If you have staff to develop at very competitive prices then getoncourse for success with InIT Learning. My company work with many large businesses and organisations in Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

SoftwareTraining for your staff

Old School

Do you class yourself as ‘Old School’?

Old SchoolHave you spent many years avoiding computers or saying things like ‘all you need is a pencil and a diary’. I have personally experienced people like this and find it unbelievable that for some people there is so much resistance to move forward with technology. But is it so unbelievable? I believe there is an interesting paradox in education when it comes to ICT. On one hand schools, colleges, business colleges and training providers are told they should be embedding ICT into the learning yet on the other hand they are being told to teach maths like the ‘times tables’. Why learn the times tables if you have IT that can do it for you. Functional Skills Maths is good in that it tries to relate maths to the real world but in the real world we get computer to do it for us or an app on a tablet or phone. Exams still want to see how you worked the calculation out rather than asking what hardware or software you used to do the calculation for you. Problem solving skills and thinking skills is where we should focus and let the ICT do the bit that for most is a chore or a subject with barriers.


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