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3rd October 2018

Self-Employment v Employment

Something I asked myself for years, 'I wonder what it's like being self-employed'. Well, now I know. After 25 years of loyal hard work with one company, it all came to an abrupt end, (redundancy or just a way to sack the higher earners legally!!!).  I decided that from that point I would work for myself. OK, employment has a few benefits like regular income, paid holidays and paid sickness. So why self-employment? Well having experienced it I can list a lot more benefits like you can manage your own time, you don't have to ask permission for anything like holidays, or turning up late to get the plumber in, you can take as much or as little holiday as you like. On a nice sunny day just relax with a cup of tea (ok maybe a beer) in the garden. You don't have to put up with anyone treating you unfairly, or working with a bunch of lazy boring know it alls, you can pick your customers or the ones you wish to work with. The list of benefits far outway those of employment. The main thing to remember the first couple of years of setting up you probably will not yet much free time then it all settles down and you can enjoy it. The psychological benefits of being self-employed especially after working for years with some people who think that they know best are just amazing. I can safely say all the businesses and people who I work with now through my business are very professional and keen to work with me, it is so satisfying. If you're thinking about self-employment and you have a business idea that you know will work JUST DO IT, don't wait for redundancy. 



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